How to earn money after class 10th

 How to earn money after class 10th 

We will tell you today (how to earn money after class 10th).  Now if you have passed 10th, you are in auto tenth, then I will tell you about the online thing from where you can get out of pocket expenses.  So that you can reduce your family banquet.  And you can eat food of your choice and travel with friends and buy books etc.  Khichdi Today we tell about some such online learning from where you can take some of your pocket money.

 Online Tutoring

 You can do online tutoring (how to earn money after class 10th) You will not have any problem in tutoring along with studies.  You can teach tuition to people below your class level and you can also teach breakfast tuition in your class.  In this, you have to teach sitting at home or go to someone’s house, this is a very good form along with studies, from where you will not spend your pocket money.


 After studying which little time is left (how to earn money after class 10th) you can save that time and work online, you can also take out your pocket money, in free launching you can write articles related to your studies like voice  over translation article and blog post can do all this, in this you are given a certain time, within that time you work and you are given money in return for that

 Virtual Assistant

 Virtual Assistant is a self employed work from home in this (how to earn money after class 10th) it can provide work like administrative, creativity, in this you can manage your website, in this you can do any social work.  You can manage the media, for this you will be given money.  it takes very little work

 Video Influencer

 Video Influencer will become a source of huge earning in future.  Millions of people are earning from this.  You have to make a video in the film you like in it.  You can earn a decent amount of money by making videos like how to play, teach or cook.

 Buy Sell Domain

 Buy sell domain is a very easy task.  In which you can buy and keep a domain.  But you have to keep in mind that which domain will have the most value in the future, you will have to buy that kind of domain.  And other domains are now available for ₹ 1000 to ₹ 1500.  you can make good money from this

 Make notes and project for other

 In this you have to make notes and projects.  You must have become an expert in 10th class by making notes and projects.  You can help other students in this.  If you are not able to make notes, you can charge a fixed amount by making its notes and projects.

 Reseller and online merchant

 It is like a business, in student life, you must have become so expert that you have to sell any item by buying it from wholesaler, you have to sell it to companies like Amazon, Flipkart, you can earn good profit from it.  For this you have to work through free reselling website.


 After 10th you can do typing work.  This work is work from home.  There are many vacancies in private company for typing worker.  You can work with zero experience.  I think you should have very good knowledge of English and Hindi and it is necessary to have basic knowledge of computer.  With this work you can earn ₹ 10000 per month

 Now you have left your studies after 10th so what to do

 Right now you have left your studies after 10th, the reason may be someone’s family is the reason for someone’s money.  (How to earn money after class 10th) So today we will tell you in which field you can work

 Junior driver

 Project attendant level 3

 Anganbadi worker

 Junior Electrician

 lab assistant

 multi tasking staff

 Junior stenographer

 lower division clerk

 Field Lab attendant



 Soldier General Duty

 Vocational Instructor

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