Maharashtra State Board Class 10 Geometry Question Bank

Maharashtra State Board Class 10 Mathematics-II Question Bank

Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education (MSE) is the state-wide public board offering pre-primary to 11th class students both in government and private schools in Maharashtra for all subjects including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and English Language/Comprehension. The MSE consists of an executive body, which has a Chairman as its head and a Vice-chairman. As per the Constitution of India, as amended by Act No. 16 of 1947, all the seats are divided among eight members of the Executive Body who report to the Vice-Chairman. Members are elected by teachers’ college principals and the student representatives elected by the students. Teachers have the power to remove any member. The voting procedure is based on a weighted vote system. Students take part in the election process through ballot papers and mark sheets for their candidates on the basis of their preference or preferences. Each voter is given two marks for each paper or mark sheet they wish to enter during this stage. In the case of more than one candidate, the winning candidate is declared by majority votes. After the final declaration of the results, the result is placed before the school Principal at the time of enrolment.

There are many such exams conducted to ascertain the proficiency of our students. Some of them include National Eligibility Test(NEET), Jhansi Public Examination and Indian Private Exam, and Prakash Karam Examination. We also have other state examinations like SSC U-G Exams, SSCE Aptitude Test, GATE MAT, GMAT, etc., which are offered by several Central Boards across the country to those students who qualify for the General or Other Level Examination syllabus.

In our examination, we have kept a special focus on solving the Maths problems as it is considered to be our subject and is, therefore, the most important topic and is essential to score good grades. Hence in order to maintain that position, we have taken out some extra math questions from different parts of the book. These extra questions mainly relate to maths concepts like multiplication tables, multiplication rules, etc, so in order to avoid any kind of confusion, we have divided them into four sections and we will introduce in a detail each section to let you understand them properly. To begin with, Section A -MSE 10 Geometric Multiprecise Questions.


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